Passion and Purpose

When your passion and purpose collide, amazing things begin to happen. Once psychotherapist Jennifer Lester started her personal journey to find her amazing, she began gathering facts, collecting notes, and identifying patterns. She realized that the people who had discovered their amazing were undeniably living with passion, productivity and power. Years later, she devised a formula to help others find their own amazing. Her antidote is simple: your journey starts by uncovering habits and hang-ups, recovering your passion and purpose, and then discovering the path to find your amazing. The book shares 14 crucial steps to set you on your journey.
Beginning with “honoring your calling” and closing with “being thankful,” the book not only exposes how you can learn to use your “why” as power, but it also helps you move beyond stagnating fear to purposeful hope. Each step ends with a call to action, “Journey to Amazing,” that will give you practical tools to develop new habits in order to achieve your amazing. The benefit of finding your amazing goes beyond self-fulfillment. When others see your light shining, they become inspired to ignite or expose their light, too. Thus, this book can directly transform you and indirectly impact those around you.

Here are some specific ways you will benefit:

Helps you use your passion to find your purpose

Enhances your vision to see beyond perceived limitations

Shows you how to use words to unlock your magic

Inclines you to trust your instincts to propel you to the next level

Demonstrates how to use your natural talent to create your own luck

Gives you reasons to start living instead of just being alive

Compels you to hope in order to take a leap of faith

Explains how gratitude opens you up for abundance


“The concept for finding your amazing is a must read that I’m certain will give readers 14 ways to problem-solve and find ways to cope with the challenges, setbacks, hurts and defeats that make you stagnant and rob you of the desire to go after your goals and dreams.”

— Chasity Melvin,
former WNBA Basketball Player

“Jennifer is one of the most purpose-driven people I know. It’s amazing how she showed me how to utilize all my talents when it comes to giving back, thanks to her supreme leadership and dedication.”

— Antwan “Big Boi” Patton
of the Iconic Rap Group OutKast

“Stagnating fear has been a constant hindrance in my life. Jennifer Lester has played a monumental role in helping me to find my purpose and use my why to overcome anxiety and tap into my ultimate purpose and potential.”

— Hazel Clark,
3-Time Olympian, Television Personality, Global sports and education ambassador

About the Author

Jennifer Shephard Lester is an award-winning cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, certified life coach, and motivational speaker. For more than 15 years, she has been a leader in behavioral change. Jennifer’s unorthodox practices and electrifying energy that have transformed audiences nationally. As a chosen catalyst for self-actualization, she is affectionately known as the “Self-Help Queen”. Noted for her work with celebrities, top executives, and political leaders, she is a highly sought after change agent.